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4.5 stars (RT's hightest rating) = FANTASTIC- Keeper

The second book in the Mudflat series is a supernatural comic romp full of nonstop action, fantastic characters and a hero you'll love. Tarvik and Claire balance each other perfectly as they battle the forces of evil...

Mudflat definitely has its own zip code. There are wizards, trolls, witches and other assorted residents with varying degrees of magic at their fingertips. Astrologer Claire Carmody barely holds down a part-time job at the bank while helping out at the neighborhood center.

Claire makes a side trip to medieval times and meets warrior Tarvik, who has ventured to modern-day Seattle and its wacky suburb. When a family of four disappears, the pair and their cousins are charged with finding them. Complicating the search are jealous ex-boyfriends who seem to be around every corner and a villain long thought dead. Tarvik might be like a fish out of water in a suit, but he's the man to have on your side in the wilderness.
Reviewed By: Donna M. Brown for RT Book Reviews

"the same off the wall humor and mystery that readers loved in book one"...
Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen, ParanormalRomance.org

...a love story with a lot of adventure thrown in... the kind of book I enjoy reading while curled up next to a fire on a long cold winter day.
... ReviewYourBook.com